Sunday 22 April 2018

'They had already made two attempts to clear out her account' - How elderly woman's family stopped bank scam just in time

Stock photo: Getty Images/Cultura RF
Stock photo: Getty Images/Cultura RF
Daire Courtney

Daire Courtney

An elderly woman’s family intervened just in time to prevent phone scammers from clearing out her bank account.

Judy Duggan, from Cork, explained on RTE Radio One's Liveline this afternoon that her mother was targeted by a scam operation who knew personal details about her.

“My mum got a phone call from a gentleman who had her name, date of birth, home address and the first four digits of her visa debit card. He said ‘your visa debit is about to expire, but in order to renew it we need to get the rest of the number and the security number,” she told the programme.

“She was a little dubious but he started to harass her, and she was quite flustered and she gave him all the details.

"He even asked her if there was more than €200 in the account and of course, thinking it was the bank, she said ‘of course, there’s loads in it, you’d have no problem there.’”

“The phone rang again straight away when she hung up and luckily it was my brother, she said ‘Lucky the bank rang to get my details because my card is going to expire’ and he immediately knew.

"He was in the city centre, he ran into the bank, and ironically the bank manager’s name was the name the guy had given out on the phone.

“The bank manager shut down everything and we got there in time, but they had made two attempts to clear out her account in the meantime.

"She was so lucky that my brother happened to call.”

She continued: “I just wanted to get this out there and warn other people, especially older people and their relatives, that these people sometimes have personal information about you.”

Phone and online fraudsters have been known to target specific people, often having personal details about them.

Bank customers are warned never to give out their personal information or card details over the phone to avoid being scammed.

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