Thursday 22 March 2018

'They got a few slaps' - Thug admits tying up and hitting sisters after Facebook date

Sisters Nicole and Amy Rice who were attacked by two men in an apartment in Newbridge in May
Sisters Nicole and Amy Rice who were attacked by two men in an apartment in Newbridge in May

David Kearns

One of the men alleged to have tied up and beat two sisters after a Facebook 'date' said he gave “them a few slaps” to calm them down.

The man (25) admitted attacking Tallaght sisters Amy (21) and Nicole (19) Rice but accused the pair of lying about "what really happened that night."

The sisters came forward back in May to tell the story of how they were brutally attacked by two men they met on Facebook in a 20-hour ordeal in Newbridge in County Kildare.

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They said they met the two men, aged 25 and 30, at a bus stop and were brought to an apartment in Newbridge town centre shortly after 7.30pm. 

Soon after, when they went to leave, the men grabbed the sisters by the hair and attacked them. 

The well-known criminal, who has almost 60 convictions for offences including possession of a firearm and criminal damage, called into the radio station FM104 to claim the incident did not happen as portrayed.

Speaking on the Phoneshow, he said he only “slapped” the two girls because they would not calm down after they arrived at his apartment.

“I had no choice but to do that [hit them a few slaps], it’s a horrible thing to say… but out of control wasn’t the word,” he said.

Nicole (19) pictured before the attack
Nicole (19) pictured before the attack

“I tried to calm the situation down but it wasn’t happening. So I had no choice.”

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Asked if he and the other man involved had hit the girls, the 25-year-old replied: “Yeah, she got a few slaps... just a few slaps.”

“I only tied them up because I was worried they were going to cause more problems for me and my friend.

“I couldn’t throw them out and call the cops because I had warrants out for my arrest.”

Amy (21) pictured before the attack
Amy (21) pictured before the attack

He claimed his life had been ruined over the sisters’ claims because in prison, he would be targeted by others for “thinking I done s**t like that”.

“If I go to prison, and I have been to prison before, I can tell you that now, when you go to prison with a name like that it isn’t a nice name to have.

“I am not saying I’m an angel in anyone’s eyes. I’ve got convictions for some serious sh*t, but I didn’t do this.

“When you go to jail, and people think you have done sh*t like this you get boiling water and piss thrown at you. And when you are on the wings people throw shapes at you.

“You see the one that’s very badly bruised in the face, I didn’t do that... she fell down the stairs with her hands tied behind her back. Fourteen steps… and she fell head-first…"

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Last month the well-known criminal was convicted in his absence over an incident where he ploughed into a garda patrol van and car after crashing into three other vehicles in traffic during a road rampage in west Dublin in August last year.

Judge Patrick Clyne issued a bench warrant for his arrest and sentencing after he failed to appear for his trial.

In March he was convicted of possession of a stolen shotgun, ammunition, and other items.

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