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'They didn't just murder him, they tried to destroy him' - Watch preview of CBS documentary 'In Jason's Name'

Jason Corbett and killer Molly Martens on their wedding day
Jason Corbett and killer Molly Martens on their wedding day
Jason Corbett and Molly Martens on their wedding day (Inset above: Molly Martens' photo taken after arrest; inset below: Molly Martens' father Tom)
Murderer: Molly Martens and her father Tom were sentenced to 20-25 years in jail after a jury unanimously convicted them of murder
Molly Martens with her father Tom on her wedding day
Members of the Corbett family and friends attend the North Carolina Court of Appeal challenge in Raleigh by Tom and Molly Martens. Included are, from left to right, Tracey Corbett Lynch, Dave Lynch, Wayne Corbett, Marilyn Corbett and Lynn Shanahan. Photo: Ralph Riegel
Molly and her father Thomas Martens
Tom and Molly Martens beat Jason Corbett to death as he slept
Amy Molloy

Amy Molloy

US network CBS has released a preview of its upcoming documentary which details how Molly Martens and her father Tom Martens "tried to destroy" Jason Corbett's character after they murdered him.

The documentary is due to air this Saturday and includes an interview with Tracey Corbett-Lynch, Jason's sister, who decided to participate in the hour-long episode of '48 Hours' to defend his good name.

'48 Hours' investigate Jason Corbett’s death, the trial and appeal through interviews with his friends and family, Molly Corbett’s friends, investigators, defense attorneys and more.

“The Martens didn’t just murder Jason, they tried to destroy his character,” Tracey Corbett-Lynch says in her interview.

Molly Martens (35) and Tom Martens (68) were convicted of the second-degree murder of the Limerick-born businessman (39), who was beaten to death as he slept in August 2015.

The Tennessee father and daughter are now serving 20-25 years in North Carolina prisons but have appealed their convictions.

Tom Martens told a 911 dispatcher that his son-in-law got into a fight with his daughter and he had to intervene. “He’s bleeding all over and I, I may have killed him,” he said.

Molly also told police that Jason, then 39, was “screaming ‘I’m gonna kill you.’”

Tom Martens, a retired FBI agent, later acknowledged in his trial evidence he had never seen Jason threaten or abuse his daughter.

“I just couldn’t process it,” Ms Corbett-Lynch says of her brother’s death.

“It was that, you know, he was my best friend. We were just two of the closest people in the world to each other outside my husband and children.”

She told '48 Hours' that before his death her brother said he was unhappy and wanted to move home to Ireland.

"He said she [Molly Martens] was acting strange. He would open up and say they were having difficulties, and then he would change the subject."

Molly and Tom Martens claimed they did not receive a fair trial in North Carolina and have now appealed to have their second degree murder convictions quashed and new trials ordered.

Ms Corbett-Lynch, who together with her husband cares for her brother's children in Ireland, continues to fight for Jason.

"I would have done anything I needed to do to take justice for Jason."

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