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Friday 17 January 2020

'There's no information. I could be waiting here for the next four hours'

Allison Bray

Spanish au pair Andrea Loyola Valladelid was among several people who arrived at the airport with no idea that the state bus company was on strike.

Waiting to board a bus to take her to Letterkenny, Co Donegal, she kept pointing to an electronic sign listing what should have been her bus departure time.

She didn't notice or understand the electronic ticker at the bottom of the screen advising that there was service disruption due to a strike.

When the Irish Independent advised her that her next bus wouldn't be until 9pm – more than six hours later – she almost broke down in tears.

"I don't know what do do," she said in broken English.

Polish family Piotr Nosek, (33), his wife Kinga Nosek, (30), their sons Tobias (2), Antony (6) and friend Ewelina Chanzel, (21), were equally caught off guard as they awaited a bus to take them to their home in Sligo.

"There is no information. I could be waiting for the next four hours here," Mr Nosek said.

He said in order to be at work this morning he would now need to pay a train fare for his family or see if a friend would be willing to drive them.

American students Katie Griggs (20), from New York State; and Reed Fry (19), from Iowa, who are both studying at NUI Galway, said they had no idea there was a strike and were perplexed by the lack of signs or other information about the strike.

"We could be here all day," Ms Griggs said, adding at least they could get a train to Galway, despite having bought return bus tickets.

Dublin Bus supervisor Clive O'Reilly, who was manning the CIE Group of Companies information desk at the arrivals hall at Terminal One, said he dealt with about 40 or 50 people yesterday morning and early afternoon who were unaware of the strike and scrambling to get private coaches or other transportation to their destinations.

"They're mostly Irish coming home who didn't know," he said. "Nobody knows what's going on," he said.

A spokesman for Bus Eireann said the company did post signs at Dublin Airport and there was a customer service representative on duty since yesterday morning. The company also shut off its ticket vending machines at the stop, and said it would post further signage to "reduce customer confusion".

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