Tuesday 20 March 2018

'There's barely enough to live on as it is'

Caroline Flynn (37) works as a Psychiatric Liaison Nurse for Sligo-Leitrim Mental Health Services.

She says she is opposing the latest round of government cuts because public servants have already suffered the impact of a pension levy and a pay cut, averaging over 6pc, on their wages.

"I can't take any more," she said.

"I work with people who self-harm and attempt suicide. The HSE has closed down 600 beds nationwide.

"There is supposed to be more community-led services, yet they are not prepared to increase staff numbers."

She said her pay was in the region of €40,000 a year, but there is barely enough to live on after the Universal Social Charge and other levies are deducted.

"I am renting and cannot afford to get a mortgage," she said.

"My credit card is maxed out and I sometimes have to pay for home heating and car insurance on it.

"I am trying to pay off my credit card, so this is really bad timing for me."

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