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Tuesday 12 December 2017

There’s a reason we pay less: women are much safer drivers

Laura Butler faces paying €300 more on her car insurance due to new EU directive
Laura Butler faces paying €300 more on her car insurance due to new EU directive
Laura Butler

Laura Butler

THE bureaucrats were having a laugh when they came up with this one.

As a 25-year-old woman with no penalty points, no previous accidents and a five-year no-claims bonus, I find it ridiculous that I'll soon be expected to pay up to €300 more on my insurance for what is essentially political correctness.

I think there is absolutely no comparison between male and female drivers within the age bracket of 17 and 30. Women in their teens or 20s may be relatively inexperienced drivers, but we're careful.

The reason we have been paying less is because we are less risky on the road.

I think I can count on one hand the number of female friends of mine who have been caught speeding or have crashed their cars.

When I consider my male friends, the list is admittedly quite lengthy.

"Boy racers" have been given that title for a reason -- they naturally have a need for speed.

Women in my view are more inclined to want to show off a fancy pair of shoes or a new hairdo.

We don't care as much about engine size, leather interior or alloy wheels.

Yes, I like nice things and dream about the day over the next few years when I'll have saved enough money to buy a relatively new, sleek, black coupe.

I like to take pride in my car and enjoy driving, but it will always be a means to an end for me -- a way of getting from A to B. It's slightly different for guys though. For them, a car is a toy; a lifestyle.

Now I'll have to factor in another few hundred euro annually that could easily have been spent elsewhere or contributed to my bills.

Furthermore, it frustrates me that women over 30 will be expected to fork out more than they do at the moment, even if it's not as much as I'll be landed with.

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