Thursday 18 January 2018

'The world has gone mad' - viewers have their say on the Late Late Show's live botox feature

Amanda Brunker.
Amanda Brunker.
Amanda Brunker arriving on the red carpet for the IFTA Gala Television Awards at the Double Tree Hilton Hotel, Dublin. Photo: Michael Chester
Amanda Brunker. Picture: Nadia Power
Amanda Brunker with her sons L to R: Setanta (8) and Edward (9) McLaughlin Newsdesk Newsdesk

Former Miss Ireland Amanda Brunker had botox administered live on the Late Late Show and viewers were less than convinced it was the proper forum.

Brunker said she first got the procedure done before her wedding and has gone on to get a top up regularly since.

She urged anyone who was thinking of getting it done to ensure that they only attended reputable clinics and spoke to patients who had been there before.

Ryan Tubridy quizzed her and the visiting doctor on cosmetic procedures and how frequent they were in Ireland.

Herald columnist Brunker also revealed that she had a breast reduction, which caused her husband to 'stop talking' to her, even though she said she had given him five years notice.

A GP administered the anti-wrinkle shot and beauty blogger, AJ Fitzsimons, also opted to have lip fillers done live on the show.

The doctor said that lip fillers have spiked in popularity among young people thanks to the Kylie Jenner or Kardashian effect, even though fillers have been around since before Kylie was born the GP said.

Experts claim 95pc of their clientele who seek such cosmetic work are female and that demand is climbing year on year.

Women in their 30s are using treatments such as botox and lip fillers to "slow down the ageing process", industry insiders have said.

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