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The view from the fans in the stands

• Eva Glynn from Co Dublin was at the match with her father Declan Glynn from Co Galway. "It's my daughter's first game ever. She loved it. She is a big Galway supporter.

"What an absolutely spectacular game. There are three generations of us here.

"My uncle Pat from Boston, my dad Sean Glynn who trained the Under-16 Galway team and Galway boss Anthony Cunningham are also with us."

• Kate Glennon from Ballyouskill, Co Kilkenny said: "I am devastated. I can't even talk after it. I can't believe the way it went."

Her friend Ciara Brookes from Cranny, Co Clare said: "I was going for Galway so obviously I am delighted. We won't be talking on the way home."

• Richie Windle from Ballyhea, Kilkenny said: "We are just shocked that it was a draw. I mean when was the last time there was a draw in hurling?

"We are not used to it. We will have another day out anyway. We are looking forward to a bit of a night of it tonight."

• New Yorker Jessica Civello (22) and Canadian Leanne Sherman (24), who are working in Galway, travelled to Dublin for the match.

"It was absolutely fantastic, so exciting, We thoroughly enjoyed it." said Jessica.

"We would have loved to have seen Galway win. We really thought they could do it, but I suppose this way we get to come back and do it all again," said Leanne.

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