Tuesday 24 April 2018

the troika's draft final report

The troika's draft final report -- which has been seen by the Irish Independent -- is generally upbeat about the country's progress ahead of the bailout exit. These are the key points in the report:

* repossessions: The EU is concerned that the courts will not be able to cope with the upcoming wave of mortgage repossession cases next year.

* For the past two years, the troika has been putting pressure on the Government to reduce the cost of the legal system here. This has not yet happened.

* Speeding up the overhaul of the social welfare system

The troika had previously subjected the social welfare system here to withering criticism. But the European Commission now sees the change in the system from one which simply pays out money to one that offers people training and job placements as one of the biggest achievements of the bailout programme.

* Risks to economic growth: The European Commission noted that the country's financial recovery plan was dependent on an increase in economic growth which may be sluggish.

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