Thursday 23 November 2017

The trick to triumphing over your sweet tooth

We can distract ourselves from sweet cravings.
We can distract ourselves from sweet cravings.
Eilish O'Regan

Eilish O'Regan

Most of us admit to having sweet tooth - but there are ways of distracting ourselves from over-indulging.

Remember you are more likely to indulge a sweet tooth if you're hungry, so always eat three well-balanced meals, spread evenly, and have healthy ingredients, such as fruit, nuts or low-fat yogurt to snack on.

Eating regularly keeps blood sugar levels topped up, preventing dips that send you racing for the packet of biscuits.

Watch serving sizes. You just need a little taste to satisfy a craving, so don't automatically reach for the standard-size version of your favourite sweet treat. Are you able to get it in a smaller size?

Sugary foods are often high in fat, so if you can't resist temptation, go for a lower-fat or lower-calorie variety.

Keep a bowl of fruit on your desk in the office so that if any sweet freebies or generous boxes of goodies suddenly appear, you can have an alternative.

Do you really need that dessert after a nice dinner? Experts advise to wait 15 minutes before deciding if you want dessert. If you want to join in, look for a fruit salad or something like a lemon sorbet.

If you're going to have a sweet treat, don't waste the pleasure. Eat it slowly so you get maximum pleasure from it.

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