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The top 5: The constituencies that stood out on the day

IT was a day of few surprises, despite the over-night scare for the Yes side - because of fears over the low turnout. But which constituencies stood out on the day?

Top Five YES

Dublin South

YES: 75.8%

NO: 24.2%

Dun Laoghaire

YES: 74.2%

NO: 25.8%

Dublin South West

YES: 72.3%

NO: 27.7%


YES: 67.2%

NO: 32.8%

Cork South West

YES: 66.3%

NO: 33.7%

Top Five NO

Donegal North East

YES: 44.4%

NO: 55.6%

Donegal South West

YES: 45.1%

NO: 54.9%

Dublin North West

YES: 46.8%

NO: 53.2%

Dublin South Central

YES: 49.1%

NO 50.9%

Dublin South West

YES: 49.3%

NO: 50.7%