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The questions he did not answer

IN light of Mick Wallace's desire to make a public statement in the Dail on his financial affairs, the Irish Independent asked him to issue a full statement to be printed in this newspaper.

Mr Wallace was also asked to answer the following key questions in relation to his tax settlement with the Revenue Commissioners, but he declined on both counts.

• During your negotiation with the Revenue Commissioners, did you signal you would be unable to pay the tax liability?

• Are you willing to waive your rights to confidentiality and provide consent for the Revenue Commissioners to disclose details of your tax settlement?

• What exactly is your total monthly income, from all activities, including TD's salary?

• Are you willing to make any contribution to pay down the €2.1m VAT settlement?

• Did you make it clear at any point to the electorate in the 2011 general election that you had deliberately falsified a tax return to the Revenue Commission-ers? If so, where and when?

Irish Independent