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the Noughties in Numbers

Ireland has changed a great deal in the course of the last 10 years. Here Ronan Abayawickrema takes a look at the key numbers from the decade


The number of people unemployed in the second quarter of 2000, an unemployment rate of 4.3pc. The Live Register total for November 2013 was 391,507, a rate of 12.5pc.


The number of Irish bipedal cats to have appeared in the UK sci-fi series 'Doctor Who's' 50-year history. Ardal O'Hanlon played the feline alien Brannigan in the 2007 episode 'Gridlock'.


The levy, in cent, on plastic shopping bags introduced by the government in 2002. In 2012, it was calculated that the levy -- which rose to 22c in 2007 -- had raised €166m for the Exchequer in its 10 years in existence and had led to a drop in the use of plastic bags in Ireland of at least 90pc.

4.6 million

The average UK audience figure for the first series of reality TV show 'Big Brother', which aired on Channel 4 from July to September, 2000. 'Housemates' included Dubliner and future 'Herald' columnist Anna Nolan.


The average price, in pence, of a litre of full-fat milk in December 2001. A litre of milk cost €1.10 in December 2009 and costs around 85c in a supermarket today.


The number of weeks that novelty song 'The Jumbo Breakfast Roll' by Dixie Walsh, aka comedian Pat Shortt (left), topped the Irish charts in 2006.


The height, in metres, of the Spire monument on Dublin's O'Connell Street. The final piece of the Spire -- on the former site of Nelson's Pillar, which was blown up in 1966 -- was put in place on January 21, 2003.


The age of PSNI officer Stephen Carroll when he was shot dead in a CIRA ambush in Craigavon, Co Armagh in March 2009. Constable Carroll was the first PSNI member to be murdered by paramilitaries.


The average price, in euro, of a large loaf of white bread in August 2006. The price had risen to €1.39 by August 2009, and the supermarket price for a large white loaf today is around €1.60.

260 million

The amount, in US dollars, grossed by U2's Vertigo tour. The top-grossing world tour of 2005, it drew three million fans to 90 sell-out concerts, with attendance for the band's June 24-27 run at Croke Park in Dublin reaching almost 247,000.


The number of deaths caused by dangerous driving in 2005. The corresponding figure for 2012 was 19.


The average price, in euro, of a kilo of sirloin steak in January 2003. This had risen to €15.84 by January 2009. One of the supermarket chains is currently selling a kilo of sirloin for around €14.


The temperature, in degrees centigrade, recorded by some Met Eireann weather stations on the night of December 24-25, 2009, in what was the coldest winter for almost two decades in many parts of the country.


The number of years since a tram service had operated in Dublin, when the Luas's Green Line opened on June 30, 2004. The Red Line was opened in September of that year.


The net immigration figure for Ireland from 2000 to 2003. The flow of people reversed as the Celtic Tiger era came to an end -- the CSO estimated net emigration for the year to April 2013 at 33,100.


The average price, in euro, of a pint of stout in a pub in December 2009. A pint of stout in a city centre bar in Dublin will cost you around €4.90 today.


The percentage of women in the Irish labour force in 2003, almost double the figure of 25.4pc for women in the workforce when Ireland joined the European Community in 1973.


The daily average number of people incarcerated in 2006. The current Irish prison population, as of October 2013, is 4,111.


The estimated number of spectators who watched Ireland's footballers take on Iran at the Azadi Stadium in Tehran on November 15, 2001. Iran scored at the death to win 1-0, but it was Ireland who qualified for the 2002 World Cup finals in Japan and South Korea with a 2-1 aggregate win.


The number of murders recorded in 2007, according to CSO figures. The number of murders in 2012 was 53.


The temperature, in degrees centigrade, recorded at Met Eireann's Casement Aerodrome weather station in Co Dublin on July 19, 2006, the highest figure recorded since records began there in 1964.


The number of years since Tyrone had been in an All-Ireland Senior Football Final when they beat Armagh in 2003 to win their first All-Ireland crown.


The duration, in days, of the 'dual circulation period' in which both euro and punt notes and coins were in use in Ireland. The euro was introduced on January 1, 2002, and the punt ceased to be legal tender on February 9.


The number of convictions for drink-driving offences in 2005, a conviction rate of 36pc of a total of 11,646 arrests. The number of recorded drink-driving offences in 2012 was 8,254.


The number of tries scored by a young Brian O'Driscoll as Ireland's rugby team beat France 27-25 in Paris in March 2000.


The average cost, in euro, of a house in Ireland in 2005, according to the ESRI House Price Index. The average national asking price for a house in 2012 was €189,086.


Ireland's placing on the medal table - with three medals -- out of the 49 nations which took part in the 2008 Olympics in Beijing. Kenny Egan won silver while Paddy Barnes and Darren Sutherland each won bronze, all in boxing.


The number of seats won by Fianna Fail in the 2007 General Election, allowing Bertie Ahern to return as Taoiseach at the head of a coalition with the Greens. FF has 20 seats in the current Dail.

* Historical prices are based on National Average Price data compiled by the CSO.

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