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The Mansion House is haunted – Lord Mayor


Naoise O Muiri at the Mansion House

Naoise O Muiri at the Mansion House

Naoise O Muiri at the Mansion House

The Lord Mayor of Dublin says there have been spooky occurrences at the Mansion House

Naoise O Muiri says his daughter Briona (4) has witnessed a ghoul at the historic Dublin building.

The Fine Gael councillor says he didn’t believe in ghosts until an incident in February when his daughter saw a young girl watching TV in the living quarters of the building.

“In the middle of the night my six-year-old daughter Ailbhe walked from her room through the sitting room and into mine.

“Briona followed her in the next day she turned to me and said she saw a girl with dark curly hair sitting watching TV at 3am.”

O Muiri said he knew the Dawson Street building which dates back to 1705 had a reputation for strange happenings.

He told the Irish Sun: “I was sceptical coming in but there is definitely stuff happening”.

He believes his daughter’s youth and innocence is the reason why there is proof that there is a ghost.

“Briona has never heard or had never heard any talk of ghosts. She is very small and young, very sensitive.

“It happened 12 weeks ago and we haven’t brought it up again.”

In 2009 the ten Mayor Eibhlin Byrne reported that her bulldog Sam had noticed something spooky at the Mansion House.

She said the dog refused to walk past a particular door.

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