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Wednesday 19 December 2018

The letter received by Emma Mhic Mhathuna

Emma Mhic Mhathuna Photo: Domnick Walsh
Emma Mhic Mhathuna Photo: Domnick Walsh

Mhic Mhathuna: There is an opportunity to choreograph this situation in the Government's favour with cooperation from both sides.

At the outset Emma has not cooperated with any opposition political party on this issue.

In fact Emma has turned down approaches to appear with opposition leaders.

Emma agreed to meet the President so as to honour the office of Head of State.

In the week of a referendum, the Government can turn this challenge into an opportunity for a cervical victim to advocate the Government's steps to improve this testing journey for future patients.

At this stage I believe that Emma can become that Government advocate despite her pain.

It is inevitable, as night follows days, that Emma will receive a substantial settlement of damages from the HSE for their negligence.

Emma does not need the pain of days on the quays in Dublin painfully giving evidence in the Four Courts.

This Government does not need a negative media circus snowballing after another substantial financial settlement.

This is a cut-and-dry case and the opportunity is with the Government to fast-track negotiations with Emma's representatives to reach a mutually acceptable settlement which will not create further negative publicity.

To the contrary Emma, if the above course is followed, is willing to give the Government positive praise for grasping the nettle in dealing with this issue and putting strong measures and processes in place so that such mistakes are not made in the future.

One suggestion is that Emma meets An Taoiseach in the strictest of privacy with the Minister for Health for an honest confidential meeting which is not to be discussed or publicised in the future.

Emma can then later meet with An Taoiseach and the Minister at the Merrion Hotel for a public briefing where Emma can speak about the sympathetic approach by Government as well as their proactive approach to solving the issue into the future.

Emma can also outline that Leo Varadkar was not the doctor who was over the testing and he can not be blamed for this.

We as a nation are lucky to have a doctor as Taoiseach who fully comprehends the medical situation and who in turn can demand rapid corrective action for the future.

Emma can also express confidence in the administration after the action they have taken.

The action required is to fast track an inevitable payment of damages to Emma so that Emma can enjoy her dying days with the assurance that her family can be cared for and properly reared after her premature and avoidable passing.

The benefit to Government is a credible advocate to carry them through this storm rather than an angry gale blowing into their noses and in turn toppling a performing Government.

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