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'The Late Late Show' continues to draw good audience figures

THE popularity of 'The Late Late Show' continues to confound the critics.

Ryan Tubridy's , pictured right, second year at the helm has delivered the highest audiences in 12 years with an average of 809,000 viewers watching the show so far this season, according to RTE.

The 2010 Toy Show delivered the highest audience of any television programme in 16 years, with an average of 1.4m viewers watching.

"We're delighted with the figures," said executive producer Jim Jennings.

"We've had an impressive range of guests on the show this season, from former British prime ministers Tony Blair and Gordon Brown, to American films stars such as Jack Black and Tim Robbins.

"But as the December figures demonstrate, it's Irish guests which prove most popular with Irish television audiences."

Irish Independent