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Friday 23 February 2018

The jobs plan in numbers

The Government plans on creating 150,000 direct jobs: 75,000 from IDA, 60,000 from Enterprise Ireland and 15,000 from tourism. The IDA already has a four-year target of creating 105,000. Some 62,000 of these jobs are direct and 43,000 are spin-offs. The IDA has now been given five years to create 75,000 direct jobs -- an increase of 13,000. The IDA must now create more than 15,000 jobs per annum -- trebling its record last year when it created just 4,500. Jobs created by the IDA last year were completely wiped out by the 13,400 jobs within IDA-supported companies that were lost. The tourism industry will create 15,000 jobs under the new plan. Enterprise Ireland must create 60,000 jobs -- as announced in July. It will create 12,000 jobs per annum yet it only managed to create 7,000 last year. The Government believes that from the 150,000 direct jobs, another 150,000 spin-off jobs will follow.

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