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The Fuzz: fighting cancer as well as crime

THERE are no penalty points this month for calling them The Fuzz as more gardai than ever before take part in the charity fund-raising event, 'Movember'.

They are mixing their frontline work with raising awareness of men's health issues and particularly prostate cancer.

"My uncle was diagnosed with prostate cancer last year but has had his treatment and has got the all-clear – that was why I decided to get involved," explained garda Kevin Cleary, who currently sports a thriving moustache as he patrols the streets of Carlingford, Co Louth.

He is one of roughly 200 gardai around the country sporting three weeks' growth as they take part in the fund-raising effort.

Sgt Mick Kelly, a crime-scene examiner, said: "Our support also shows people we are more than just gardai at work and that we will get involved in the community."

Irish Independent