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Thursday 22 March 2018

The fizz-cal space: champagne flows again for consumers

Sorcha O’Connor enjoys a glass of bubbly. Photo: Arthur Carron
Sorcha O’Connor enjoys a glass of bubbly. Photo: Arthur Carron

Sorcha O'Connor

Champagne is back with a resounding 'pop' as Irish consumers shake off the shackles of austerity.

CSO figures show that bottles of champagne are making their way back into the Irish shopping trolley for the first time in five years.

SuperValu is showing that champagne, prosecco and cava sales have increased by 15pc in the last year.

Wine racks are also well stocked across the country as the Irish palette favours a bottle of red or white over traditionally popular beers.

This was supported by senior executive of ABFI Jonathan McDade, who told the Irish Independent wine had edged up marginally over the last five years with an estimated rise from 26pc to 28pc in its consumption market share.

According to the head of SuperValu Wine, Kevin O'Callaghan, our love for all things wine is stemming from people understanding the wine market that bit more.

"Consumers once thought it was a scary product but now they don't feel stupid buying it and are open to new things," he told the Irish Independent.

He said Irish consumers are partial to a glass of fizz on a Friday night.

"People enjoy prosecco with a Friday night takeaway. It's a recognisable product - they don't specify what they want other than asking for a glass of prosecco."

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