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The Edge: Ian gets his divorce, Carol has a new Rush


Carol Anthony

Carol Anthony

Swish bash: Adam Clayton and his wife Mariana

Swish bash: Adam Clayton and his wife Mariana

Heading west: Eamon Farrell and Steven Mannion

Heading west: Eamon Farrell and Steven Mannion

Virginia Macari

Virginia Macari

Tatiana Ouliankina

Tatiana Ouliankina


Carol Anthony

All together now. D-I-V-O-R-C-E, as Tammy Wynette once sang. . .

With the news that her boyfriend, Liverpool FC deity Ian Rush's divorce went through last week, Carol Anthony and Ian's relationship can certainly move to the next level.

"A major step in our relationship is the fact Ian's divorce has been finalised, yes," the Irish beauty told me,

"If you asked me, is it different, I would say no. But it is most definitely good in moving forward with our lives!" Cork-born pop star turned budding Bollywood film star Carol told me, before adding that she has started the process of finalising her own divorce.

They were celebrating last week - but not their divorces, actual and future.

No, Carol and her beau of two and a half years, Mr Rush - they live together, with places in London and Chester - celebrated Liverpool's sterling win over Newcastle on Monday night with a smokin' dinner in Ristorante Sergio in Saint Werburgh Street in Chester. "It is our favourite restaurant in town," Carol said. She continued that Wednesday was a very tough day for Liverpool FC's all-time highest goal-scorer - and Irish Independent sports columnist - Ian as it was the anniversary of the Hillsborough disaster of 1996. "It is always a hard day for Ian and for all those involved. Ian attended the ceremony at Anfield," she said.

"It was a day at LFC where it wasn't about football but those who lost loved ones at that game on that tragic day."

On Thursday afternoon, Ian and Carol flew to Dublin because Ian was booked to give a talk on football. "It was, of course, an excuse for us to spend a few days in the capital that we love." Of possible equal importance to Carol was the location of their hotel during their brief sojourn in Dublin.

"It was a just short walk from our hotel, The Westbury, for me to do a bit of damage in Brown Thomas on Grafton Street," she laughed but - Ian please note - she wasn't joking. Last night, they flew back to London ahead of Liverpool's FA Cup semi-final at Wembley Stadium this afternoon. Ian and Carol (and their guests: I'll tell you next week who was there) will be watching the game in the Royal Box no less.

"I'm sure there will be many a glass of vino had that night," laughed Carol of possibly being in her cups at the big FA Cup game today.

"So here's hoping for a good result!" And your diarist wishes Carol the same good result with her divorce too.

Adam is the new George with his Mariana

It's not just George Clooney who bagged himself a high powered  - to say nothing of beautiful - lawyer.

My Deep Throat in the U2 camp (and U2 are nothing but camp sometimes) tells me that Adam Clayton's other half Mariana Teixeira de Carvalho is not, in fact, as widely reported, a South American supermodel.

Although she does possesses the pulchritudinous looks for such a career on the catwalk, Mariana, who is from Brazil, is actually a former human rights lawyer, although one who no longer practises.

Once a lawyer always a lawyer, I always say.

Magnificent Mariana - who wed Adam in a civil ceremony in Dublin on September 4th, 2013, before celebrating their nuptials with a big bling at a château in the South of France topped off with a drinks reception on Bono's yacht - moved into the art world. She now works as a director at a leading contemporary art gallery, Michael Werner in London and New York.

Mariana's work takes her all over the world. As does her rock-star husband's work.

Doubtless Marianna will be joining Adam in Vancouver for the opening night of U2's World Tour on May 14th.

As well as Mariana, you might also expect half of U2's ever-growing group of VBFs (John Rocha, Guggi, Gavin Friday, Robbie Fox, Michael Colgan, Dave Kavanagh et al) and, of course, The Simon Carmody Community to make the trip for the concert and no doubt the party in Canada.

If I go, I'll take the Brendan Behan attitude. He once quipped: 'I saw a sign that said Drink Canada Dry. So I did.'

Eamon's side of Sandymount says Yes

LIFE magazine have their Ireland's Gay Power List today. But - hey -  that doesn't mean your diarist can't turn over part of this column to a bit of pink proselytizing. . .

Last night in his home in Sandymount from 7pm to 10pm, Ireland's coolest gay man Eamon Farrell - big bro of Ireland's coolest movie star Colin - threw a big bash for The Yes Equality Campaign. He hosted the hooley with his husband, artist Steven Mannion "to raise funds for the battle."

"I've also invited some No Voters who I met on the canvass," Eamon added, "I want to invite people into our home to see that gays live the exact same lives as everyone else. We don't cut the gay grass - we cut the grass," Eamon explained. "We don't have a gay washing machine - we have a washing machine," the domestic god of Sandymount continued, practically rhapsodising.

Eamo added that the guest-list of those he and Steve invited to their hip home last night - with "the best pizzas in Ireland and bubbles" at nearby Sober Lane restaurant on Irishtown Road afterwards - included Amy Huberman, Alan Hughes and his hubby Karl Broderick, Senator Katherine Zappone, and Minister Heather Humphreys. I asked Eamon did he invite perhaps Ireland's most influential gay man - Minister Leo Varadkar.

"Yes," he replied, "and Kevin Humphreys. We might have a cabinet meeting!" Eileen Wright, owner of Krystle nightclub, actress Norma Sheahan (who starred opposite the host's brother Colin Farrell in the movie Ondine), model Rachel McGrath, Colm O'Gorman of Amnesty and the incomparable Panti were also expected, among others, your diarist included.

I was going to ask Eamon what precisely a gay washing machine was.

Virginia and Tatiana heat up Marbs

A sombre revelation among all this frivolity: I have a serious condition -  Virginia-itis.

I just can't stop writing about Virginia Macari.

The stunning half Irish, half Italian designer was spotted in a restaurant in Marbella last weekend with that Russian beauty, and one-time TV star, Tatiana Ouliankina.

Tatiana, who lives in Dublin with her husband John Moore and their kids, was over for a short holiday at their place in Marbs. Virginia lives in Marbs with her controversial husband-to-be Kas Dahl and their child Thor. So, anyway, last weekend Ms Macari and The Moscow Flier met up in a hotspot in the port of Marbella for a rendezvous.

How do I know this? Because Tatiana told me.

"We had vino!!" Tats, who used to be in RTE's Fair City, exclaimed. "La Dolce Vita!" And we wouldn't expect anything less.

Earlier that afternoon Virginia and Tatiana were also spotted sunning themselves on the beach as their two young sons - Thor, 3, and Michael, 6 - played in the hot sands of southern Spain.

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