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The Edge hits back over home plan snub

U2 guitarist The Edge has launched a stinging attack on a US planning authority after it refused him permission to build an eco-mansion and is considering a legal challenge.

The Californian Coastal Commission said the planned home was "one of the three worst projects" it had seen in its 38-year history.

But a spokeswoman for the musician last night said those comments raised "serious questions" about its decision.

Fiona Hutton said the millionaire musician, whose real name is David Evans, was "outraged" as the planning authority had granted permission for 60 homes of a similar size in the past three years.

"Frankly we're outraged by this decision and the inflammatory statements of Coastal Commission staff, given we had worked collaboratively with them for the past four years and they had previously recommended approval of 60 separate applications for homes with the same size footprint and in the same habitat area," she said. "This raises serious questions about this decision and its motivation," she added.

The Edge is considering mounting a legal battle to allow him build the 1,200-sqm house in the Malibu hills -- described by architects as defying gravity -- after it was thrown out because of concerns about its impact on the environment.

Irish Independent