Friday 23 February 2018

The dragon and the Soldiers of Destiny

Fionnan Sheahan

Fionnan Sheahan

IN his attempts to play down his links to Fianna Fail on the 'Prime Time' debate, Independent candidate Sean Gallagher left out aspects of his activities with the party. So what is the truth about the 'Dragons' Den' star and the Soldiers of Destiny?


What Gallagher said: "I joined young Fianna Fail as a teenager because they were advancing the need for youth services."

The full story:

Gallagher told the Ogra Fianna Fail National Youth Conference in 2009 he was a member of the organisation back in the '80s and served on the national youth committee.

In his account of his address, he made no mention of youth services.


What Gallagher said about his FF membership: "Not all my adult life. . . I wasn't involved in the party for many years and I rejoined them in 2007. I have no difficulty with that."

The full story:

Gallagher was a member of Ogra Fianna Fail and served on its national committee. He was also a member of FF, served as a policy adviser to an FF minister and worked for FF headquarters. He acted as director of elections to a TD and served on the national executive.

- being a CANDIDATE

What Gallagher said about running for Fianna Fail in the last general election:

"I considered it, not because I was asked by the party at a national level, but because local members in the organisation asked me to."

The full story:

When Dermot Ahern announced that he would be resigning last year, Fianna Fail chalked him down as his replacement.

"I am going to give it consideration," he said.

He spent two weeks thinking about running before ruling himself out.

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