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The companies involved in fracking

* ENEGI's corporate update from last July says it has completed its work programme in Clare "as specified", and that "preliminary economic analysis has confirmed the viability of (the) proposed development project".

The Canadian firm estimates as much as 13.05 trillion cubic feet (tcf) of gas could be across the "entire area", with between 1.49tcf and 3.86tcf in the "option area" where it has been exploring.

* AUSTRALIAN firm Tamboran holds licences in Australia, Ireland, Northern Ireland and Botswana, covering an area of some 27 million acres.

It plans to explore at Thur Mountain in Leitrim and Slisgarrow in Fermanagh, an area totalling 400,000 acres. The company believes some 2.2tcf of gas is recoverable, about 12 years of current consumption in the south. The project could produce economically until "at least" 2050.

The company says the gas is about one kilometre under ground, in an area known as Bundoran Shale, and 310,000 gallons of water per day will be used, with 25pc recovered. It has previously committed to hydraulically fracturing without any chemicals.

In an update to investors, it says it now has the "first option" on an exploration licence once the results of the EPA's investigation are known. It expects that the EPA will make similar conclusions to that of the UK Royal Society and Royal Academy of Engineers, which said, with proper regulation, the health and environmental risks could be managed.

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