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Sunday 21 January 2018

The allegations

Dublin City Council

ACCUSED of ignoring policies on tall buildings and not making available records of meetings between officials and developers. Maximum heights issue has been addressed in a new development plan, and records are now available.

Cork City Council

A complaint alleged that records of pre-planning meetings were only placed on the public file after the application had been decided, limiting objections. The system has since been changed.

Carlow Co Council

Irregular practices and problems with administration were identified. However an independent report, completed in 2010, had made 120 recommendations which are being implemented.

Meath County Council

Alleged that landowners and developers were urged to compile plans on how large areas should be developed. However, the review found the council had acted properly, and had it not asked for these 'action area plans' there would have been more ghost estates in the county.

Galway Co Council

Claimed the council had ignored planning rules when granting permission for 25 separate applications, which were later overturned. Review found the 25 cases did not support the allegations.

Cork Co Council

Elements of the decision-making process were "undocumented", and the roll of a so-called "liaison officer" between officials and developers or local politicians regarding socio-economic aspects of applications requires "further scrutiny".

Donegal Co Council

The allegations stemmed from a former employee. However the claims were "lacking" in specifics. The council later successfully sued a newspaper over the allegations and won damages.

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