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Sunday 25 August 2019

The €7.15 pint that people 'rarely' complain about

The receipt, which was posted online, has caused debate. (Facebook/Larissa Quinn Healy)
The receipt, which was posted online, has caused debate. (Facebook/Larissa Quinn Healy)
Irish bar and hostel Oliver St John Gogarty's in Temple Bar. (Facebook/Temple Bar)
Denise Calnan

Denise Calnan

INTRODUCING the pint of lager for €7.15 that people "rarely" complain about.

Popular Dublin haunt Oliver St John Gogarty’s hit social media headlines this morning after a customer posted their receipt online last night.

The customer bought a pint of Coors and a pint of Carlsberg for €7.15 each.

The sale, which was made forty minutes after midnight, came to a total of €14.30 for the two drinks.

What seems extortionate to some, hadn't made others blink twice.

On contacting Oliver St John Gogarty’s this afternoon, a member of staff acknowledged the bar is a popular tourist spot but told that they rarely receive complaints about the bar’s alcohol prices from people visiting the country.

“Tourists rarely complain about the prices,” the staff member said.

“Maybe the Americans would say something the odd time, but Europeans would never complain.”

The bar said their prices are competitive in the local area of Temple Bar and named another pub nearby that has the same prices.

A pint of lager at the bar is priced at €6.60 but is increased to €7.15 at 11pm.

A pint of Guinness is priced at €5.70 during the day but is increased by 50 cent at the same time.

Spirits generally cost about €6, depending on the type of spirit, and also increases by price at 11pm.

The customer, who posted the photo of the receipt on social network Facebook, captioned the snap, “Recession my a**e!!!! Rip off...€7.15 for a pint!!!”


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