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Tesco withdraws own-brand sponge cakes as precaution

TESCO has withdrawn a range of own-brand sponge cakes from its Irish stores because of concerns they were made with dioxin-laced eggs following a food scare in Germany.

The supermarket chain said they were withdrawing a range of six products made with liquid eggs contaminated with dioxins -- but stressed this was purely on a precautionary basis as safety watchdogs had confirmed there was no health risk to humans.

However consumers who had purchased any of the items concerned could return them for a refund, a spokesman said.

The Food Safety Authority of Ireland confirmed that consumers were not at risk. This was because contaminated eggs would have been mixed with non-contaminated eggs and become so diluted that they did not pose any risk.

The cakes withdrawn are: Caterpillar Cake, best before 10.01.11, 11.01.11; Party Tray Bake, best before 7.01.11 to 10.01.11; Coconut Sponge, best before 12.01.11, 15.01.11; Raspberry Sponge, best before 10.01.11, 13.01.11; Value Raspberry Sponge, best before 12.01.11, 13.01.11, 15.01.11; and Vanilla Party Tray Bake, best before 07.01.11, 10.01.11, 11.01.11.

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