Thursday 22 March 2018

Tesco Ireland issues recall over concerns of 'deadly' nut allergies

David Kearns

Tesco Ireland has asked customers to return packs of its Fajitas Meal Kit following a “nut for spices” substitution which could be deadly to those with nut allergies.

An alert has been issued Europe wide and food watchdogs in Denmark, Sweden and Norway have already recalled about three dozen products containing almonds in place of paprika.

Santa Maria, a supplier to Tesco which is at the centre of the most of the substitution cases identified so far, said it was recalling more spice blends in the UK and Ireland after finding undeclared traces of almond protein in batches of paprika used in the products.

There are fears that peanut and almond proteins may have been used as a cheap substitutes for spices such as cumin and paprika.

The Food Safety Authority of Ireland is thought to be working closely with its UK equivalent on the issue, though a spokesperson told that it had received no cases relating to “nut allergic reactions” in any products that have been recalled.

“Currently there is no evidence to suggest at the moment that nuts are being substituted for cumin, or any other spice, in the Irish food chain,” they said.

“Accidental cross-contamination can occur. And often products are recalled because of this.”

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