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Sunday 19 November 2017

Ten questions on the deal

Was Mr Cowen aware that the DDDA had grossly distorted the value of the Irish Glass Bottle site, stating it would be worth €220m when it ended up being bought for €426.8m?

Does Mr Cowen accept he made a mistake in permitting the DDDA to borrow up to €127m for the deal?

Why were only 14 days taken to consider such an important decision?

Why was an independent valuation of the Irish Glass Bottle site not ordered?

Is Mr Cowen satisfied the department did due diligence on the DDDA's plans before he gave the go-ahead?

Was Mr Cowen concerned when some Department of Finance officials raised questions about the DDDA's ability to repay the loan?

Does Mr Cowen accept that the advice he ultimately received from officials to sanction the borrowing now appears flawed?

Does he believe crucial information about the deal was withheld by the DDDA?

Did alarm bells ring when pressure was put on Mr Cowen for an "urgent decision" on the loan?

Will Mr Cowen sanction a proper investigation into the DDDA that names and shames those responsible for a litany of failings?

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