Friday 19 July 2019

Temperatures to plunge as winter makes its comeback

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Fiona Dillon

Fiona Dillon

Normal wintry weather has resumed just as we got used to warm temperatures and frost-free mornings.

"We are getting into more seasonal weather," said Met Éireann forecaster John Eagleton. Rain last night was set to clear through to a brighter, more showery day today, with temperatures dropping back.

It is a change from the milder weather we have seen recently.

"Not only have temperatures been good, but it has been very calm, with no wind, which makes a huge difference.

"Sometimes the mean temperatures have been running 2C to 3C above normal," Mr Eagleton said.

"It's going to be a bit more changeable for the rest of the week. Tomorrow itself won't be a bad day, but it will be a bit cold starting off. Temperatures won't be that good, ranging from 4C to 6C.

"But it will be a nice bright day, and the wind will die off during the middle of the day, so it will be quite a pleasant day to be out and about. But it will be a cold, frosty start to the morning. Then it changes again, and it will be wet and showery for Friday."

The forecast is for a "cold, bright weekend", with some wintry showers around in parts. The indications are that the middle of next week will be cold during the day, but temperatures at night won't fall that low.

"They are only predicted to go to -1C, -2C. You could get some snow showers on the east coast, but I don't think it is going to be a big snow event," he added.

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