'Tell that f****r he’s dead' - TD receives death threat after 'ISIS' Dail comments

Noel Coonan, Fine Gael deputy for Tipperary North

Niall O'Connor and Sam Griffin

A FINE Gael politician who compared anti-water charge protesters to Islamic terror group ISIS has tonight been the subject of a death threat.

Tipperary TD Noel Coonan told the Dail today that demonstrators in the capital are “led by socialists” who he accused of showing complete disregard for rural Ireland.

“The people protesting in Dublin are led by socialists and do not care about country people.

Mr Coonan also said the country is facing an "Isis situation in the Middle East" if the unruly anti-water charge protests continue.

“If those people are allowed to do as they wish, God help this country.  People realise that so we must nip that in the bud.”

Through the years country people have paid for water through group schemes, private wells and so on,” Mr Coonan said.

“The protesters in Dublin act like parasites and live off country people as they have never acknowledged the role of country people.

In rural areas people running small businesses from their homes must pay for water and the same applies to businesses around the country.  Such businesses provided money for the country in bad times,” he added.

However later on this evening his office received a threatening phone call.

Mr Coonan told Independent.ie the caller said: "You can tell that f****r he’s dead. And you’re dead too. You’re with him. You’re dead too. She went on to say other words threatening and intimidating."

He added: "I’m well used to abuse. I’ve never had it that bad but it’s disturbing when it’s a young lady working hard for her constituents and somebody had to resort to that level of threats and intimidation.

"It’s unacceptable. We notified the gardai and they’re investigating."