Saturday 7 December 2019

Teenagers saved from top of giant crane after prank backfires

The rescue operation
The rescue operation

David Young

Two teenagers were rescued after a prank went wrong and they became trapped 50ft above the ground in the cab of a construction crane yesterday.

Specialist rescue equipment was used by the 24 Fire and Rescue Service personnel who raced to the County Derry town of Coleraine.

Around 200 people gathered in Pates Lane yesterday to watch the two-hour operation.

An eyewitness told of how the youngsters had climbed up the crane's framework for a laugh - but then froze at the top.

The giant crane is located on a building site close to the centre of the north coast market town.

Specialist high-level rescue equipment had to be summoned from as far away as Derry to help carry out the operation and bring the two young men back to ground level - where police officers were waiting to talk to them about their actions.

The rescue operation
The rescue operation

Fire and Rescue Service spokesman Max Joyce said: "We got a call from the PSNI at around 8.30pm, and the operation continued until 10.35.

"The two youths, aged 14 and 16, were not that keen to come down when they saw the police waiting for them, but they eventually agreed to get into the cage of our specialist aerial platform.

"From our point of view, the operation was a complete success. No one was hurt or injured."

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