Wednesday 21 March 2018

Teen sorry after filming foul-mouthed 'play' in Irish church

A teenager last night apologised and denied he was mocking the Catholic Church after shocking footage appeared on the internet of him swearing while standing at an altar.

The video shows a youth behind the altar of St Joseph’s Chapel at Hannahstown on the outskirts of west Belfast where he appears to be mocking a part of the Mass when clergy sometimes sing words ahead of communion.

The boy then speaks into a mobile phone and swears and makes disparaging comments about a bride, as though he was conducting a wedding ceremony.

One local person said many parishioners were “furious” that the video was filmed inside the church and one described it was a “desecration”.

Last night the teenager was asked by the Belfast Telegraph if he wished to make any comment.

He said he was sorry if any offence was caused and claimed he was taking part in “a play”.

Footage of the teen at the altar
Footage of the teen at the altar

He told us: “I’m sorry, it was a play”.

After deleting the video, a message also appeared on the boy’s Facebook page which stated: “That video was a play I was doing today. I did not mean to harm anyone in any sort off way!

“I deeply apologise if I have harmed anyone at all.

“I personally was offended by the video, this video was not to make mockery of the Catholic Church, it was a part off a play that was going on, I am deeply sorry for the video being posted!”

A spokesman for the Diocese of Down and Connor was not immediately available for comment last night.

It’s not the first time something like this has happened.

In 2014, the filming of a raunchy pop video showing a couple simulate sex on the altar of the Good Shepherd Church in Belfast outraged parishioners.

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