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Ted Bundy told me to kill doctor, claims patient

A HOSPITAL patient, who said dead serial killer Ted Bundy was talking to him, threatened to "torture, kill and have sex with" a doctor who was assessing him.

A knife fell out of Paul Kelly's pocket while he was waiting in a hospital's emergency department. It was confiscated and it was then arranged for him to undergo a psychiatric assessment. During the assessment Kelly told the doctor that Bundy appeared to him and told him to do things, Dublin Circuit Criminal Court was told yesterday.

He pleaded with her to give him a drop of her blood to drink before lunging at her with a shoelace in an attempt to strangle her. Defence counsel Sean Gillane said his client was not mentally ill as defined by psychiatric medicine, but added: "There are other aspects of the mind and psyche that are not so amenable to treatment."

Kelly (24), of Liscairn Gardens, Clondalkin, Dublin, pleaded guilty to threatening to kill Dr Katherine McGee and possession of a knife at St James's Hospital, Dublin, on January 19 2009.


The court was told that during the assessment Dr McGee asked Kelly about his interests. He replied that he liked to "torture, kill and have sex with young beautiful women like you".

Kelly said he was interested in Ted Bundy. He tried to sit closer to the doctor and she asked him to move back. He replied: "Okay, I can still hurt you from here."

He also claimed Bundy was beside him. The doctor later said she thought this was a fantasy rather than a hallucination. When she refused to tell Kelly where she lived, he told her he could find out.

"Ted's talking to me now, he wants me to strangle you," he told Dr McGee before lunging at her with an outstretched shoelace.

She fled the room and called security who ejected him. He was later arrested and interviewed by gardai.

When they asked why he threatened to kill Dr McGee, he replied: "I didn't threaten to kill her, I tried to kill her. I can't explain why, I'd just love it."

Mr Gillane said his client had virtually no education, had become addicted to cannabis and alcohol as a teenager, and was homeless at the time of his arrest.

Judge Tony Hunt remanded Kelly in custody and will finalise sentencing next month.

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