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Technology and music papers hit right notes

THERE was a broad welcome from students and teachers to the music and technology exams.

Margaret Curran from St Mary's secondary school in Nenagh, Co Tipperary, said the Music Higher Level paper presented "no major problems" but there were a few surprises.

"There was one (question) where they were asked to give the historical background behind one of the works which is a little bit unusual," the ASTI representative said.

"The last part of the Irish music question was a little bit more precise than would normally be expected.

"They had to write about a particular song and a performance of it where normally the question would have been more general."

The ordinary level paper was of an expected standard, she said, although one part of a question could have caused confusion amongst weaker students where they were asked about a melody.

"Overall, both papers were fair," Ms Curran said.

Seamus Walshe, also from the ASTI and a teacher in the Presentation College, Askea in Co Carlow, said the technology paper was mostly welcomed by students.

One question in higher level prompted a lot of work for a short question, he said.

The ordinary paper was "challenging enough", although a question about a laser cutter may have been difficult for some as not all schools had the devices.

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