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Friday 25 May 2018

Technical Group members tackle the Wallace question:

Joan Collins: Give information? "I think he should, yeah."

Resign? Not going to call for resignation

Stephen Donnelly

Give information? "I don't know what the terms of reference for the committee are. In general, the committee should be co-operated with."

Resign? "It's for nobody to decide other than the deputy or his constituents."

Tom Fleming

Give information? "If they are to carry out their business, they need co-operation. In any inquiry, there has to be an effort made."

Resign? "For now, he's going through the process and we'll let that take its course."

John Halligan

Give information? "Absolutely, if they make a request, he's going to have to do that."

Resign? "At the very least he should go before the electorate again, but I don't think he's going to do that."

Thomas Pringle

Give information? "We need to establish whether we have jurisdiction or not. The only way we can do that is if the confirmation of dates is given to us. If we get that, then we can decide if we have jurisdiction and then launch an investigation or notify the Dail if we have jurisdiction.

Resign? "I couldn't give an opinion on that because we are still in the process of maybe having an investigation."

Finian McGrath

Give information? "Absolutely. All members of the Oireachtas should co-operate fully with that committee. "

Resign? "I think the inquiry should go ahead and then I think we should see what happens as a result of that, but I wouldn't be shouting for him to resign from his seat."

Mattie McGrath

Give information? "He told the Dail that he would be co-operating fully. His statements indicated that he was contrite and that he would be co-operating."

Resign? "We can't make him, I couldn't call on anybody, no matter who it is."

Maureen O'Sullivan

Give information? "I would just hope that the committee does what it can within whatever parameters it has and that Deputy Wallace will co-operate."

Resign? "It's up to him and the people who elected him. Because that's the system of democracy that we have, and I don't believe in tampering with it."

Catherine Murphy

Give information? "I think he should co-operate but I think it would be highly unusual for Revenue to be asked to give that type of information. Information about dates, though, absolutely yes, that should be given."

Resign? "He was elected by the people of Wexford. It's not up to the people who are elected to this Dail to decide who's there. It's up to the people, the citizens of Ireland to decide who they put in."

Shane Ross

Give information? "I assumed Mick Wallace was co-operating with the committee and I would encourage him emphatically to do so."

Resign? Didn't address the question.

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