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TDs surveyed on intimate details of harassment in Leinster House


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Politicians and their staff are being asked to give intimate details of incidents of sexual harassment and bullying they endured while working in Leinster House.

A newly issued survey, which has been obtained by the Irish Independent, has asked people what type of sexual harassment they experienced and the position of the person who perpetrated the abuse.

Those surveyed have been asked the nature of the sexual harassment they experienced. The categories include unwanted physical conduct such as unnecessary touching, patting or pinching or brushing against the person's body, assault, and coercive sexual intercourse.

They have also been asked if they experienced unwelcome sexual advances, continued suggestions for social activity outside the workplace after it has been made clear that such suggestions are unwelcome, unwelcome or offensive flirtations, suggestive remarks, innuendos, or lewd comments.

People surveyed have also been asked if the sexual harassment or bullying took place in Leinster House, a constituency office or at a work-related social event.

The survey asked if they were bullied because of their gender, sexual orientation, religion, disability or because they are a Traveller.

They will also be asked if they have been ridiculed through jokes, comments, ridicule or songs. They will be asked if they were harassed by a politician, Oireachtas staff member, political correspondent or foreign delegate.

The anonymous survey also asked what action the victim took after they suffered abuse in the workplace and who they reported the issue to.

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