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TDs stock up on their postage-paid envelopes

TDs and their free envelopes have long been a feature of life in Leinster House.

It allows them post letters to you and, ahem, keep you informed of all the really important goings on in the Oireachtas.

Naturally they also help to make sure that you'll remember them come February 25. Sure why else would they want to talk to you?

And not only are the envelopes free -- the postage is paid on them too, saving a few sheckles on stamps.

Over the last few weeks in the Dail, TDs and their army of parliamentary assistants were seen scurrying to their cars with boxes of free envelopes, as they feared that the whole Government was about to come crashing down any hour.

Heaven forbid that they could go without their monthly allocation of 1,500 postage-paid envelopes.

Some canny TDs realised that since yesterday was February 1, they could help themselves to their envelope allowance for this month -- another 1,500 at the taxpayer's expense -- just hours before the Dail was dissolved. A few car boots were filled -- because our TDs never miss a chance.

Irish Independent