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TDs object to 'gloating' over killings

THE deaths of Uday and Qusay Hussein had been met with gloating in the western media, TDs complained yesterday, writes Senan Molony.

The Dail Foreign Affairs Committee heard criticism of the Mosul ambush and the lack of restraint of the US forces and the networks in reporting the killings.

Senator David Norris said there had been gloating over the deaths of the sons, but a 14-year-old, a reported grandson of Saddam, also died. So had 14 people in a restaurant bombed in an earlier effort to kill Saddam.

"Where are the human rights of these people? Are they expendable?"

Chairman Michael Woods said no-one would welcome the killings, but the deaths of the two men would probably weaken the resolve of Saddam loyalists to fight on and should be welcomed in that respect.

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