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TDs not to be forced to wear suits in the Dail

A dress code plan to compel TDs to wear a "tailored jacket and a collared shirt" in the Dail have been shelved it seems.

The order of business for next week in the Dail, the last before the summer break, bears no mention of the code.

It is thought that the government decided to drop it, rather than face media coverage of having deputies ejected from the chamber for not adhering to a dress code

The Committee on Procedure and Privileges had agreed that male TDs could be forcibly removed from the chamber if they turned up in casual attire. And the code had received the public backing of high profile ministers including Lucinda Creighton, who said it was not appropriate to dress in a casual manner when dealing with issues of a national importance.

There had been much speculation over whether Independent TD Mick Wallace would be forced to wear a tie with his pink shirt, and if Gerry Adams would have to put on a jacket on over his shirt-sleeves, but now it seems TDs can continue to dress as they please.

Independent TD Richard Boyd Barrett, reacted to the news by saying nothing had been communicated to him and the other Independent deputies who adopt a casual dress code: “It is not absolutely clear if these rumours are true. But it obviously would be a welcome end to what has become a complete distraction and side show to the real issues we are facing.”