Friday 15 December 2017

TDs must attend for 100 days to get full expenses

UNDER the new expenses system introduced last March, TDs and senators have to attend Leinster House for 100 days each year.

They have been issued with key fobs so that they can clock in every day at special electronic machines located around the Leinster House complex.

They can clock in on days when the Dail and Seanad are sitting -- and when they are not sitting.

So, in practice, it should not be difficult for any TD or senator to reach the 100-day per year target.

They get paid a flat rate for travel and accommodation expenses, based on their distance from Leinster House.

It ranges from €12,000 a year for Dublin-based TDs to €37,850 a year for those living 360km or more from Leinster House.


There is a reduced amount for senators, who get between €7,000 and €32,850 a year, due to the fact that they are not paid for constituency travel.

If TDs or senators do not reach the 100-day attendance threshold, they will be docked 1pc of their travel and accommodation expenses payment for each day below this target.

TDs and senators also get a second expenses payment, known as a public representative allowance, to cover the cost of constituency office expenses including mobile phones, home phones, advertising, the publishing of leaflets and room hire.

TDs can claim a fixed sum of €15,000 a year without having to provide receipts or up to €25,700 if they provide all relevant receipts.

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