Tuesday 12 December 2017

TD numbers to be cut to 158 as Dail constituencies overhauled

Fionnan Sheahan

Fionnan Sheahan

THE number of TDs in the country will be cut by eight from 166 to 158 as part of a dramatic redraw of the political map across the country.

Dublin, Munster and Connaught-Ulster each lose three TDs in the changes, while Leinster gains a seat.

The Constituency Commission report puts forward substantial changes to a wide range of Dail constituencies.

The report was published this morning after being presented to the Ceann Comhairle Sean Barrett.

The number of constituencies will be reduced from the current 43 to 40.

The changes will result in 11 five-seat constituencies, 16 with four TDs and 13 three seaters.

The publication brought an end to months of intense speculation about the contents of the report.

Taoiseach Enda Kenny’s heartland of Mayo is among the constituencies to be hit.

Among the moves proposed in the report:

- Kerry, Tipperary and Donegal each being merged into five seaters, losing a seat in the counties as a result;

- Mayo going down to a four seater and losing turf to Galway West;

- North and South Leitrim being reunited into one constituency of Sligo-Leitrim, which will also take in part of south Donegal and west Cavan.

- Roscommon taking in a large chunk of east Galway to create the Roscommon Galway constituency;

- Galway East reducing to a three seater;

- Cork South-Central reducing to a four-seater, with Bishopstown transferring to Cork North-Central;

- Laois and Offaly being separated from one five-seater into two three seaters, with Offaly taking in part of north Tipperary and Laois taking in part of south Kildare;

- Dublin South being dramatically reduced from a five seater to a three seater, now called Dublin Rathdown;

- Dublin South-West going up to a five-seater, taking in part of Dublin South;

- Dublin North-Central and Dublin North-East merging into a five seater, now called Dublin Bay North;

- Dublin South-East changing its title to Dublin Bay South;

- Dublin South-Central also losing a seat, reducing to a four-seater;

- Dublin North being increased to a five-seater, now called Dublin Fingal;

- Limerick taking back part of the county lost to Kerry North in the previous redraw.

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