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TD 'cheeky' for pension cut call

Independent TD Michael McGrath's "cheek" is under scrutiny after calling for cuts to pensions and lump sums for retiring politicians and public servants.

Mr McGrath's past in Fianna Fail was dragged up and he was told: "You have more cheek than the backside of a retired jockey." Lining up that insult, Labour Party TD Colm Keaveney said Mr McGrath had "tickled Bertie's tummy" in Fianna Fail.

His Labour colleague Michael McCarthy said Fianna Fail "did more damage to the country than the Black and Tans".

Junior health minister Brian Hayes said the Government had taken action to cut pensions and politicians' pay. He said there were 112 people on pensions over €100,000 -- mainly former senior civil servants and judges.

Irish Independent