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Taxpayer real loser over €55m layout

NORA Owen was cruelly left in tears when she so suddenly discovered she had lost her Fine Gael seat in the 2002 general election when e-voting was first experimented with.

But the taxpayer has been left crying over the cost of the system ever since, with nothing to show for a €55m layout.

After the initial rollout in three constituencies, it only got one more outing in the second Nice Treaty referendum. From there, it was doomed.

Former Fianna Fail Environment Ministers Noel Dempsey (pictured) and Martin Cullen swore by the new system as the way to vote in the 21st century.

However, the e-voting failed to win the endorsement of the public and was swamped with criticism, particularly around the verification process.

The nationwide rollout for the 2004 local and European elections came to a sudden halt when an expert committee ruled against the machines.

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