Friday 22 November 2019

Tax office won't let driver pay fine with 6,000 coins

Daniel Farrell’s prank backfired when staff at the motor tax office refused to accept €60 in 1c coins
Daniel Farrell’s prank backfired when staff at the motor tax office refused to accept €60 in 1c coins
Majella O'Sullivan

Majella O'Sullivan

A YOUNG motorist miffed at having to stump up for a fine decided to get one up at his local motor tax office by paying it in single cent coins.

But Daniel Farrell (22) was in for a surprise when staff at the office in Tralee, Co Kerry, refused his €60 contribution – all 6,000 pieces of it – and left him weighed down with an awful lot of loose change.

Mr Farrell, from Keel, Castlemaine, admitted he enjoys "a bit of banter" and decided to play the prank on staff while getting a bit of satisfaction.

Having only changed his car in the middle of last month, he was waiting for his logbook to arrive before he could tax it.

When he went into his local motor tax office, he decided he'd have to return another time because there was a huge queue ahead.

But as Murphy's Law dictates, when he returned to his car he had been slapped with a fixed penalty notice for having no tax and fined €60.

"I was disgusted," he told the Irish Independent. "I had only bought it as a run-around for €150 and now I had this fine that was almost half its value.

"That was when I came up with the idea that I'd go to the bank and get them to give me €60 in one-cent coins."


He delivered the 13.8kg of coins in a cloth bag, like those used by banks.

However, staff at the tax office told him they were not obliged to accept payment in this way because by law they can only accept 50 coins in one transaction.

Kerry County Council confirmed this was the case in relation to payment.

"I only did it for the craic and to see the reaction on their faces," said Mr Farrell. "I think they appreciated my sense of humour, though."

Although his pockets are considerably heavier, he says it was worth it.

"Sure, if it even put a smile on one person's face, I'm happy with that," he said.

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