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Sunday 17 December 2017

Tax docked from wages of TDs who didn't pay

United Left Alliance TD Joan Collins
United Left Alliance TD Joan Collins
Joan Collins

THE Revenue has docked the Dail salaries of opposition TDs who refused to pay the property tax.

It represents a change from the anti-household charge campaign, when the local authorities had no powers to recover any money from TDs who publicly refused to pay it.

The Revenue has now used its powers to dock property tax from the wages of some of the most prominent opponents of the tax.

They include Socialist Party leader Joe Higgins, Independent TD Joan Collins and Independent TD Thomas Pringle.

Independent Tipperary South TD Seamus Healy confirmed that Revenue had also docked his TD's salary to recover the property tax - after he refused to pay it.

The Revenue had identified the homes of the TDs concerned and sent them letters demanding payment of the tax and warning that deductions would be would be made from their annual €87,000 Dail salaries.

Independent Dublin South Central TD Joan Collins said that the Revenue had started docking her Dail salary last September in relation to the property tax on her home in Inchicore, Dublin.

"They wrote to me saying they were going to take it out in equal instalments until the end of the year," she said.

However, she said the Revenue had not pursued her for the household charge, which she also had not paid in protest.

"I'd say it will take a little bit of time for them to follow that up," she said.

Socialist Party leader Joe Higgins confirmed that his wages had also been deducted for non-payment of the property tax using the Revenue's "draconian powers".

Michael Brennan

Irish Independent

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