Thursday 24 October 2019

Task force flies sex attacker back to Nigeria

Tom Brady Security Editor

A convicted sex attacker was among a group of seven Nigerians who were deported from Dublin last night in a joint operation with the French, Spanish and British authorities.

The attacker, who had served two jail sentences for assault, was one of over 40 Nigerians due for deportation last night.

Seven of those were arrested by detectives from the Garda National Immigration Bureau.

However, a series of "no shows", a spate of last-minute injunctions granted by the High Court and asylum claims by children, reduced the overall number to seven.

Gardai are obliged to give advance notice to failed asylum seekers who have exhausted the appeal process and are due for deportation.

Many of those about to be deported disappear before the date and most are thought to have headed into the UK.

The group, who were accompanied by detectives from the bureau as well as medics, were put on board a chartered flight at Dublin airport late last night and flown to the Nigerian capital, Lagos.

The plane also collected another 34 Nigerians elsewhere. The plane set out from Paris to Dublin and then picked up the final batch in Majorca before heading to Lagos. The British group boarded the plane at Dublin.

The overall cost of the chartered flight is estimated at €268,000, which is paid by Ireland as the lead nation in this particular operation.

However, the authorities here will be able to charge for "seats" for deportees from other countries and expect to recoup at least €70,000.

The flight was organised by the special European borders agency, Frontex, which was set up to boost international co-operation among EU member states in tackling organised crime and illegal immigration.


This was the third joint enterprise to Lagos this year. Last April, eight people were deported in a joint operation with the Dutch and Spanish authorities, while the Irish joined the Italians in an earlier charter.

Officials say a mix of scheduled and chartered flights will continue to be used in future.

The annual report from the Office of the Refugee Applications Commissioner shows that Nigeria continues to top the list of countries supplying applications for refugee status here.

Nine out of every 10 applications from asylum seekers are deemed to be unfounded.

Last night's group out of Dublin was comprised of four males, two females and one child.

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