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Taoiseach testy when quizzed about cancelled FG celebration

IT was up there with the great mysteries of our time. The third secret of Fatima, who shot JR, how they get the figs into the fig rolls . . . and now: who in Fine Gael organised a photocall to celebrate the party's year in power?

It sparked the best political game of Cluedo since people tried to guess exactly how many pints Brian Cowen drank that infamous night in Galway.

Was it Enda Kenny with Colonel Mustard and the rest of his advisers in the Taoiseach's office? Was it Miss Scarlett and other backroom boffins over candlelight in Leinster House?

The Taoiseach was extremely testy yesterday when questioned about the cancelled event while both he and Tanaiste Eamon Gilmore were attending a press launch for a new jobs scheme in the Customs House.

"This is a non-event, this is a non-event," Mr Kenny said. "This is a non-story. It's a non-story.

"This was a matter that was organised or promoted slightly overenthusiastically by Fine Gael. I do not regard it as an appropriate celebration of a year in office."

Mr Gilmore wouldn't be drawn on whether his party was annoyed by the whole affair, though undoubtedly they were.

Thereafter, anyone in blue ran as far away from the disaster as fast as they could. While Joe Duffy's telephone hopped, TDs claimed they were never going to attend the Merrion Square event anyway.

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