Thursday 18 July 2019

Taoiseach says ISIS will blow up Newgrange and Rock of Cashel

Rock of Cashel
Philip Ryan

Philip Ryan

TAOISEACH Enda Kenny has warned Islamic terrorists would blow up iconic Irish landmarks Newgrange and the Rock of Cashel if allowed to spread their reign of terror through Europe.

Mr Kenny made the comments when addressing the escalating migration crisis in Europe, which has seen hundreds of thousands of refugees flee war zones controlled by tyrannical Islamic militants in the Middle East.

“Look at what’s happened in Syria with the growth of ISIS. Purely from a historical point of view, they want to blow up Newgrange and the Rock of Cashel, and they want children shooting others in the head. This is horrendous,” he said.

The so-called Islamic State has destroyed numerous cultural heritage sites as part of its war of terror in Iraq and Syria.

Last year, the United Nations branded the terrorist group’s desecration of UNESCO world heritage sites a war crime.

Mr Kenny’s comments come as the President of the European Commission Jean Claude Junker announced plans to relocate 120,000 migrants who have escaped war torn countries.

It is expected Ireland will take between 1,500 and 2,000 but the Government could offer to accept more.

"Now is not the time to take fright, it is time for bold determined action for the European Union," Mr Juncker said

He added: “We Europeans should remember that Europe is a continent where nearly everyone at some point has been a refugee."

In his state of the nation address, Mr Juncker highlighted the migration of Irish, Scottish and Polish people to the United States.

"There is a reason the number of O'Neills and Murphys living in the US exceeds the number in Ireland," he said.

He added: "We Europeans should know and never forget why the right to asylum is one of the fundamental, most important rights. We should not forget that."

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