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Taoiseach raises prospect of compulsory public sector job losses without deal

TAOISEACH Enda Kenny has raised the prospect of compulsory job losses in the public sector if there is no pay deal.

Mr Kenny was speaking in the Dail this morning after the Government asked the Labour Relations Commission to see if there is a basis for negotiation to salvage some deal following the rejection of Croke Park II.

The unions last week voted down the Croke Park II deal, and Communications Minister Pat Rabbitte this morning ruled out compulsory redundancies.

 But Mr Kenny said job security could not be promised in the absence of an agreement. 

“Employment was protected by those negotiations and protected under Croke Park II,” Mr Kenny said. “It is absolutely true to say that if you have no agreement, you don’t have that inherent protection. That’s fact.”

Earlier, Mr Rabbitte told RTE Radio there was “no particular will on behalf of the Government” to impose redundancies.

“Our purpose is not to try to solve this problem by getting rid of people,” the Labour minister said.

“There are always ways in industrial relations where you can tweak things this way or tweak things that way or do things slightly differently.”

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