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Taoiseach put 'Foot' in it with lost letter from Labour leader

BRITISH Labour Party leader Michael Foot waited two months for a reply from new Taoiseach Garrett FitzGerald shortly after his election -- because the letter was mislaid.

The late former Fine Gael leader was deluged by message of congratulations after winning the 1981 General Election.

Among those to send a well-done note was Michael Foot, then heading Britain's Labour Party, government papers released for the first time have confirmed.

Two days after the election, he wished Dr FitzGerald "every success in the difficult tasks which lie before you". Mr Foot also said he looked forward to meeting the new Taoiseach.

But the new man in charge in Dublin then mislaid the greeting from Mr Foot, only for it to be spotted in Dr FitzGerald's office some two months later.

Dr Fitzgerald's "belated response" explained to Mr Foot what had happened, adding: "I share your hope that it shall not be too long before we can meet."

Irish Independent